Straining and Filtration

Straining fine particles and microorganisms is a very simple method of filtration. In this process, water is pushed through a thinks cloth filter, which removes some of the suspended silt and solids and destroys some pathogens. After straining, water may not be perfectly safe for drinking but it can be a drinking water improvement step for people with no other treatment options. 


We use Ozone to take care of any bacteria or microorganisms prior to the filtration. Redundancy to protect your health while leaving in the essential minerals.



  • Simple, low cost and easy technique
  • Consumes little time
  • Reduces turbidity from drinking water
  • Known to reduce the risk of cholera
  • No particular equipment needed


  • Requires more frequent filter changes
  • Not completely effective for removal of bacteria (we use Ozone to do this)
  • Not effective for removal of viruses and chemical (Our Ozone system does this too)

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