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Enhance your lifestyle with better health and nutrition with Piney Fine Natural Spring Water, pH balanced.

Our Water is...

Naturally pH Balanced


Our water is Natural Spring Water. That means that it has been naturally filtered and balanced by the Earth to create the most healthy form of drinkable water. Processed water, reverse-osmosis or distilled water, add nutrients and other chemicals to try and make them healthy. We just neutralize any bacteria and filter the water, leaving you with pure, clean natural spring water.

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Chemical Free


You wouldn't water your garden with chemical water. Many of you plants would likely die. So why are we okay with drinking it. Water, in most cities, is treated. What that means is they have put in chlorine and other chemicals to treat the water. We use Ozone which decomposes to Oxygen under normal room pressure. No added chemicals!

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Essential for a Healthy Lifestyle


The foundation of proper nutrition, health, energy and vibrancy, is naturally sustained pH balance. When you are overly acidic, the body becomes sick, tired, and diseased. Drinking mineral rich, alkaline drinking water is your first step in a healthy pH balance lifestyle. 

Fine Vendors

Piney-Fine Natural Spring Water Inc. produces one of nature's pure 8.0 pH balance spring water.

From our state-of-the-art bottling and packaging facility located in Piney, Manitoba, and with the assistance of our broad network of friendly distributors.

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Quality Assurance

Be certain your water is safe and healthy for your family. 

  • We are proud to be members of the Manitoba Food Processors, and regularly have our water tested by government agencies to assure our customers will only receive the purest and safest water for themselves and their families.

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Our customers will attest to the refreshing taste of the water and to the great quality that it provides in enhancing our customer’s lifestyle with better health and nutrition.

We gladly deliver our product right to your door.

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